Collection: Cerakote Ceramic Coating

Cerakote is a ceramic based coating which has an incredible hardness factor of 9/10 Mohs Scale (oven cure) and 7/10 (air cure). To put this in perspective, Quartz crystal (Glass) is 7/10, and Diamond is 10/10. There is little doubt as to why this durable coating out-performs its competitors. We have ready stock in India and can also arrange any shades from USA if you are willing to wait.

(It is recommended that ready stock items must be used within 3 to 4 months of shipping. Stock imported after order should be usable for 10 months from date of shipping.)


There may be pressure build-up in your Cerakote bottles that can be caused during shipping. Pressure can build-up due to temperature and elevation changes. It is important that you carefully vent, or release the excessive pressure in the Cerakote bottle(s).

When venting excessive pressure in Cerakote bottle(s), start with using proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Carefully open the cap to release excessive pressure, once pressure is released always be sure to replace and close the lid tightly before storage.

Important: Cerakote C Series (Air Cure) is susceptible to building pressure if exposed to environmental heat or during the hot summer months of the year. C Series may build pressure while in your storage cabinet or on your shelf so be sure to check for built-up pressure periodically and release it as needed.