Rotomec Plastic Septic tank

Rotomec Plastic Septic tank

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As the name suggests, Rotomec Polyethylene Septic Tanks, are made of Polyethylene. The unique size and 3 chamber design of Rotomec Polyethylene Septic Tanks play a very important role in processing waste. There are two man holes provided for convenience.

The high wall-thickness withstands load and pressure of the earth to a great extent. The septic tank is designed to be used underground with proper backfilling. It must not be used overground without backfilling. 

These septic tanks are made in salt resistant, nondegradable plastic. Hence they are more suitable in saline areas. All that has to be done for fitting the tank is to connect the drain line to the inlet, and the outlet to the soak pit. Cover the manholes with the lids provided and the tank is ready to use.

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